A Few Great and Cheap Landscaping Ideas

Let’s face it, plenty of yards across the country still require some serious landscaping. Your yard may very well be one of them. It’s easy to push landscaping to the side. Many believe that any quality landscaping is going to be expensive and time consuming from day one. These ideas keep homeowners from pursuing a yard they can be proud of.

Cheap Landscaping IdeasHowever, these unfortunate assumptions couldn’t be further from the truth. There are actually plenty of cheap landscaping ideas that don’t take months and won’t cost thousands of dollars. These are usually basic, but sometimes complex, landscaping ideas that make use of existing elements to save money where possible.

Picture of Cheap Landscaping Ideas

The Garden Path.
A path is a very simple concept, yet when designed carefully, can become a very beautiful piece of scenery. A garden path is an excellent use of wasted spice and is a considerably cheap landscaping idea. Save money by avoiding costly pavement or concrete. Instead, make use of smaller crushed rocks.
Wooden stakes outline the path, which is then wrapped with bender board. You then pour the crushed stone within the wooden frame. This creates the actual path itself. Plant various seasonal flowers around the border to give it that extra flair.

Cheap Landscaping Ideas for backyard

The Trellis.
Chances are, you’ve seen a garden trellis before. They are seen a lot at community garden centers, but not many people go the extra mile and pick one up for themselves. If you have wasted space in your garden or lawn, then a simple and affordable trellis can provide a drastic improvement. A trellis looks elegant wherever you place it and can add a lot of character to a boring yard.
Cheap Simple Landscaping Ideas

Covering Concrete.
Concrete rarely looks good, but it’s cheap and easy to work with. For that reason, many people across the country are plagued with concrete patios. However, covering up these concrete patios is easier than you might have imagined. This is one of those cheap landscaping ideas that takes use of the existing landscape rather than removing it.
The first option is to cover the concrete in masonry stain. This is an okay solution, but not the best. A better idea is to cover the concrete in slate tiles using a very thin layer mortar. This is an affordable solution and goes a long way towards improving the appearance of the home exterior.

Roll In The Boulders.
Another great use of wasted space is the classical boulder. If you’re able to find the right supplier, you can get some beautiful, unique boulders for great prices. Boulders look best when interjected into the existing landscape. Try planting some colorful flowers around the base to bring attention to the boulder.

As you can see, it doesn’t take a fortune to do some landscaping around the home. Whether you have one acre or a hundred, you’ll always feel better when they look great. Cheap landscaping ideas are everywhere, you may have some unique ideas of your own. Take the steps, create a plan, and start testing those ideas.